Finding The Best Fountain Pen For You

Which fountain pen is the best fountain pen, is very subjective. It’s very personal. If you talk to people who are fountain pen aficionados they will all give you different opinions of what pen they love and think is the best. There is a lot to consider. Like the size, weight, nib size, color, design, how the pen glides on paper, even how the pen glides differently on different types of paper, whether it bleeds, or leaves lines on the page and what type of cartridge is used. And for each person one or more of those criteria is important, but no person is the same. The pen writes differently for different personalities. The fountain pen simply becomes “one” with you, with who you are and how you express yourself.

Although if we had to pick our best fountain pen, we would have to tell you that we did fall in love with the Delta Kanaka Maoli Hawaiian Limited Edition Fountain Pen, for its design, weight, and fluidity.  You’ll probably think it is the best fountain pen too.  But, the bottom line is that there are a lot of very high quality fountain pens in many different price ranges.

This site has been designed to give you all the details you need to find that perfect fountain pen for you. If you are thinking of buying a fountain pen for someone else, this guide will also bring you as close as you can come to satisfying that person’s needs for a fine writing instrument.

Below you will find an extensive chart that shows the photo of each pen, the basic product details and a link where you can find the  best prices.

Fountain Pen
Nib Size/Nib Type
Colors - Casing - Cartridges
Lami Safari

1 x 1 x 1 inches

1.1 ounces
Medium, fine,
extra fine

Steel nib
Red, blue, charcoal
yellow, apple green,
lime green,

ABS plastic casing

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price4.5
Pelikan M200

7.6 x 3.5 x 1.6 inches

8 ounces
Medium, fine,
extra fine

Gold nib
Black, green marble, clear

Resin casing

Piston filling mechanism
Click Here For Best Price3.1
Japan Platinum Century #3776

7.8 x 1.5 x 3.4 inches
5 ounces
Extra fine

14 K gold nib
Glossy black
with gold accents

Resin casing

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price4.0
Parker Vector

7 x 2 x 1.5 inchesMedium, fine

Stainless steel nib
Blue, pearl,
jade, black,
black Batman

Plastic and stainless steel casing

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price4.1
Pilot Vanishing Point - Retractable

6 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches

3.2 ounces
Medium, fine

18 K gold nib
Black, black matte,
black and gold,
blue gold,
red gold,
yellow, white,
gray/rhodium and more options...

Large metal casing

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price4.7
Parker Sonnet

2.7 x 1.3 x 0.6 inches

5 ounces
Medium, fine

23 K gold-plated
stainless steel nib
Stainless steel,
black lacquer with
gold trim

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price4.6
Namiki Sterling Silver Dragon Design Collection

6.6 x 3.4 x 1.5 inches

16 ounces
Medium, fine

18 K gold rhodium inlaid nib
Sterling Silver

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price5
Aurora Optima

6.6 x 3.4 x 1.3/4 inchesExtra fine, fine, medium, broad and

14 K carat gold nib
Marbled Auroloide
Marbled Auroloide
Emerald Green
sterling silver

Jeweled clip
Resin and
sterling silver

Piston filling, with
hidden reservoir
that provides a little extra ink so you don't run out of ink at an inopportune time
Click Here For Best Price4.7
Cross Aventura

not specifiedMedium, fine

Steel nib
Black lacquer
Smooth Finish
Chrome Appointments

Cross lifetime mechanical guarantee

Uses cartridge or converter - does not use international cartridges
Click Here For Best Price4.0
Sailer 1911 L

not specifiedMedium

21 K gold nib
Rhodium plated nib
Black with gold
Black with silver
Transparent and other colors

Resin casing

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price4.5
Sailer 1911 S

not specifiedExtra fine, fine, medium. Available in Zoom and Music for special order

14 K gold nib
Red, white,
blue, all with
gold accents...too many other colors
and combinations to mention

Resin casing

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price4.6
Schaeffer Legacy Heritage

7.9 x 3.5 x 1.8 inches

9.8 ounces
Medium, fine

18 K gold inlaid nib
Hallmarked With Sheaffer Jeweler's Mark
Brushed 22K Gold Plate Finish with 22K Gold Plate Trim

Deep Cut Palladium Plate Finish, Palladium Plate Trim
Black onyx lacquer
Variety of casings

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price5
Cross Classic Century II

7.5 x 3.7 x 1.4 inches

6.4 ounces

23 K gold plated nib

Cross lifetime mechanical guarantee
Polished chrome and 23 K Gold plated appointments.
Also comes in black with gold appointments

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price4.2
Nettuno Tridente

not specifiedMedium, fine

14 K rhodium-plated nib
Body made of a pearly red resin with Rhodium trim

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price4.7
Aurora Ipsilon

not specifiedMedium, fine
extra fine, broad, italic

Chrome coated
steel nib
Black satin
Black resin
Green resin
Sterling Silver
Orange resin
Red resin
Yellow resin

Uses cartridge or converter
Click Here For Best Price4.1

The following is a narrative that explains the specifications listed above and why they are important.  As you browse throughout our site you will find detailed reviews of different fountain pens that we feel are the best fountain pens for the money.

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The Nib Is The Most Important Part Of Your Buying Decision

What Is A Nib?

Fountain-penThe nib is the part of the pen that comes into contact with the writing surface you are using. It is the part that deposits the ink onto the page.

Although there are many factors that go into making a good fountain pen and how it is priced, the price of the pen is ultimately determined by the type of nib used. The cheaper pens all have steel nibs. More expensive pens have 14K or 18K or even 21K nibs. Don’t be swayed by the karat of a nib though. 14K is the standard and perfectly suitable for most people. It is strong enough so that you don’t flex the tines (the points on the nib) too much and destroy the nib.

You can also purchase nibs in Titanium, Palladium and Platinum. Personally we feel that you don’t need anything higher than 14K gold.

For a beginner, or someone on a budget, a steel nib is fine. You will have a very nice experience writing with a steel nib. However, it is the gold nib that you will want eventually. It has more flexibility than steel and gives you an incredible writing experience.

The gold nib just skims across the page, like gliding across a sheet of ice. It’s smooth and makes your writing so much more personal and beautiful. You’ll also find that your hand won’t tire when writing with a gold nib as it will with other types of nibs.

If you journal or just like writing with a fountain pen you haven’t really enjoyed the process until you use one with a gold nib.

There Are Three Basic Shapes Of Nibs –  Round – Stub – Italic

A round nib (sometimes referred to as a ball nib) has been polished and ground to create a circular footprint. The width of the line is almost perfectly uniform no matter which way you move the nib across the paper. A round nib is also pretty much a standard nib and the most practical for most people.

A stub nib lays down a broader line when moving the pen up and down and then a somewhat narrower line when moving side to side. Although that might sound confusing, what is important to know is that writing with a stub nib is just as easy as with a standard round nib.

With an italic nib the finish has less rounding on the edges than the round or stub nibs. It has a sort of square-edged grind with a wider footprint. With this type of nib the pen has a tendency to catch on corners and a greater tendency to skip, unless you hold the nib straight on to the paper. An italic nib is similar to a calligraphy nib, although a calligraphy nib is a little squarer than the italic nib. With an italic nib you will probably have to write a little slower because writing fast tends to make the nib scratch and skip. But if you are really good at calligraphy you should have no trouble making this shape nib work beautifully for you.

There Are Five Basic Sizes Of Nibs

The five basic nib sizes are:

Extra fine (XF) – This nib size can be scratchy, unless you purchase a very good pen. On the plus side this nib size uses very low amounts of ink. It is also wonderful for writing small characters or numbers. So if you are an accountant or a person who loves math this pen is perfect.

Fine (F) – A fine nib is not usually scratchy and also uses a low amount of ink. This is great for writing large or small letters. So, basically this size nib works for most people, and most writers will say it is their favorite size to write with.

Medium (M) – Very smooth and doesn’t use a lot of ink. Great for writing large volumes. Probably the most popular fountain pen nib size.

Broad (B) and Double Broad (BB) – The larger size nibs are usually used for writing larger print items. It uses a lot of ink and usually has a long drying time so you may have a tendency to smear the ink.

Some manufacturers also make other sizes like triple broad (BBB). There is no international standard that specifies the exact sizes for nibs, so different manufacturers will make nibs that are somewhat different in sizes but will basically be close in size to standards.

Whatever size nib you use will depend on your personal preference when writing. Fine and medium are probably the most popular size nibs and the easiest to use.

Types Of Nibs

When referring to types of nibs we are speaking of their flexibility.

A nib with little flexibility, like the steel nibs mentioned above, will hold up quite well when applying firm pressure on the paper you are writing on. So if you are used to writing with a ballpoint and are switching to a fountain pen you should start with a nib that has less flexibility. This is because when most people write with ballpoint they tend to press down harder on the paper. If you start with a fountain pen that has more flexibility there may be a chance of breaking the nib points (tines.)

If you already know how to write with a fountain pen then investing in a nib with a little more flexibility will be a good decision. Your handwriting will have more character, and the nib’s flexible tip will make your writing more personal and unique. The flex nib will give a more interesting and attractive variation in your stroke and you will only need the ordinary round tip nib.

You can find flex nibs in semi-flexible, flexible, and super-flexible variants. A super-flex will work well with relatively lighter pressure than the semi-flex.

What Are Filling Systems?

One type of a filling system is the basic cartridge. The cartridge already has ink contained in it. The ink in the cartridge is held inside the exit hole by glue or a very thin layer of plastic, sometimes even a small ball of glass. When the cartridge is pressed inside the pen it is broken by a sharp pin and the ball or layer of plastic falls inside the cartridge and the ink is ready to flow from the nib.

Cartridges are disposable and come with the fountain pen you buy. You can buy replacements when your ink runs out and some people even reuse them by using a syringe type tool to suction out ink from an ink bottle and inserting the syringe into the cartridge and refilling it. But this is not generally recommended.

Most of the fountain pens you can buy today have cartridge/converter capabilities. So you can choose to use the disposable cartridge or an ink reservoir known as a converter.Ink pen with an open pen on a white background

A converter is reusable. A fountain pen converter is a suction tool that permits you to fill your pen from an ink bottle. It takes the place of your cartridge. It is very important if you don’t want to always be buying cartridges but would rather have a supply of ink (in different colors too) that you can handily refill your pen with.

Then there is the piston filler system. It has a built-in reservoir and filling system. You can refill your pen by dipping the nib into the ink bottle as you twist a knob or piston at the end of the pen barrel. Many people love the piston filling system because it has a bigger capacity for holding ink than the cartridge/converter pens.

Using some sort of a filling system is more cost effective as the ink is usually less expensive. Plus you get a better variety of ink colors and you can even mix colors of ink if you are the adventurous type.

More expensive pens will sometimes not have universal cartridges, and therefore you cannot use a filler system. The manufacturers want to protect the integrity of the pen, making sure it is maintained properly and that the ink flow is consistently smooth and elegant. It is really their way of protecting you and your pen, since you paid a lot for it. Using their cartridges is still convenient and assures that your pen stays in perfect condition for a long, long time.

How To Find A Fountain Pen That You Will Love

Today fountain pens are considered by some to be a luxury item or status symbol. But people who love to write with style, as opposed to writing with the lowly ballpoint, have always found the fountain pen to be the most elegant instrument to write with.

It is essential for Presidents and Heads of State, who all use a fountain pen when signing an important document.

Top executives use them to show their distinctive style and top notch decision making. Some of the best authors of our time use them because it allows one to organize ones thoughts as you write since you tend to write more slowly with a fountain pen. And, of course it has always been the ultimate gift for someone you love or admire.

It’s old fashioned and modern at the same time. Let’s face it, the way a fountain pen writes your words across the page is just plain romantic. The smoothness is unmatched. It just has attitude!

Above you will find an interactive comparison chart of a few of the best fountain pens on the market. Before you make any decision on what fountain pen is best for you take a good look through the chart.Rather than taking any advice anyone else will give you, look at all the options that can help you make the very personal decision of which pen to buy.

Honestly, most of the fountain pens included above are excellent options; but there are a few that we just need to point out as our favorites. So, take a look in the sidebar where you will find more in-depth reviews of some of the pens were love. So, sit down at your most beautiful writing desk and let’s dig into these options.

How To Care For Your Fountain Pen

Many fountain pens in water glass

Don’t be scared of handling your fountain pen and keeping it in tip top shape.  Caring for your fountain pen doesn’t have to be a complicated chore.  There are just some simple guidelines you should follow:

1)      Using fresh ink extends the life of your fountain pen. So, always keep track of when you bought your ink.  If the ink in the bottle is over a year old . . . I’m sorry but you really should throw it out.

Waterman Elegance Ivory GT Fountain Pen

Waterman Elegance Fountain Pen Ivory

The best fountain pens are not just best for elegant handwriting but they also are very decorative and exquisite pieces of jewelry. The Waterman Elegance Fountain Pen, hand made in France, features gold and silver highlights and construction and invites you to express yourself luxuriously. The engraved nib is solid gold 18k, and it features a gold-plated barrel band. The gold nib is also two-toned, highlighted with rhodium and master stamped.

The finish of this pen is just superb with its deep layered ivory lacquer and 23k gold-plated trims. This makes this pen look like a jewel.  It’s so beautiful that if you have a bride that loves fountain pens this is the perfect gift!  Sounds weird to give a fountain pen to a bride but if she is a fountain pen fanatic she will love this.  

The tradition of writing with fountain pens has lasted strong, and you can pick them up in cheaper versions or go for the luxury items like this one available from the Waterman Collection. Now, some of the real luxurious fountain pens out there can run up into the thousands, but that is one thing about this GT fountain pen. It is much more affordable than those, so you can discount the price,  still have a luxury pen, and just start looking at more of the features to see if it’s what you or a special person want from a fountain pen.


  • Pull off capWaterman Fountain Pen Ivory
  • Wet writer – however almost no bleed through on any paper type that I tried
  • Starts up easily when not being used daily
  • The ring has a lovely floral design that is floating within engraved waters
  • Made of brass covered in lacquer 
  • Two-toned nib of solid 18K gold plated with rhodium. 
  • Uses cartridge or converter
  • Weighty for such a short pen, nice to hold and the weightiness adds to the luxury feel of this fountain pen

Note:  I don’t find that it posts well since it creates a heaviness that leads to hand fatigue. So if you are someone who likes to post your pen then this might not be for you.


When you’re looking at fountain pens, you’re thinking not just design but also function. The size of this pen is smaller, but it does have some weight to it and fullness. It does have a feminine design with the ivory and gold. It has a short cap and nib and again this feature as well as the size and weight of the pen is going to be preferred by some and not by others. It all depends on what you as the individual want.

People also praise the lacquer ivory finish, and connoisseurs of fountain pens, especially those familiar with Waterman, says that this pen holds true to its brand name. You will see a “W” engraved on the raised cap button, which speaks prestige within the fountain pen industry.

This Waterman fountain pen is a great addition to any collection and is also a hustler when it comes to writing. That solid gold nib really holds up to above industry standards and is one of the most praised features of this fountain pen. This masterpiece of art and design is called a “magnificent contemporary jewel.”

This fountain pen definitely has plenty of gold on it compared to other fountain pens. It does have a floral design that is floating within engraved waters, and this is said to provide a sensual tone to the pen. Of course, the pen’s backbone is made of brass, so this is a very durable pen, yet elegant and without much competition in its price range.

The nib is medium sized and you can also use the converter that accompanies the pen upon purchase. Or, you can opt to use ink cartridges instead. Waterman has long cartridges available that hold extra ink if you’re one of those people who like to do some heavy writing!

When you buy a fountain pen, ink flow is one of the main concerns. Different reviews are available for different pens, and people also have different preferences.  With some pens the ink flow can be too slow or “dry,” or it can sometimes be too wet and “sloppy.” With this Waterman model, you’re dealing with a wet pen where the ink flows freely, but not wet and sloppy.

Imagine yourself back in the old days when all they used to write with were fountain pens. The best penmanship is laid on paper using fountain pens, and they are the premier writing instrument of any generation. It’s not usual for something to last throughout time as the fountain pen has done. Of course, there have been some changes. No one is writing with a feather quill and ink, however, the concept and design has not changed so much.


Is The Pelikan Majesty Fountain Pen Really Worth It?

Pelikan Majesty Fountain Pen

It is not often that you’ll hear about a pen and think “wow, that’s a one of a kind gift right there.” It’s really one of the most boring items in existence. Most chain stores will sell you a pack of 10 pens for under a dollar. So why are we taking the time to write an entire review about the Pelikan Majesty Fountain Pen? The answer is simple: this is no ordinary pen. If you’re a writer looking for the best tool to practice your craft or if you know a writer that needs the best gift money can buy, then you’re going to want to read about this.

How To Write With A Fountain Pen

Hand with fountain pen

It would appear that the art of writing with a fountain pen has become a dying process. It is sad that we do not maintain some of these beautiful art forms. With the invention of the IPad, laptop, and other such writing instruments, there is a chance that all forms of penmanship may soon disappear. Then again…maybe not!  Lately it seems that many people want to bring the elegance back in to their lives and writing with a fountain pen is a great way to start.

We all are familiar with the fact that a ballpoint pen is great for writing in almost any position. They can be placed at any angle, except upside down, and produce an equally well and acceptable piece of writing. The fountain pen, on the other hand, requires that the writer has a certain style or touch to his or her writing to make it legible.

Cross Townsend Medalist Fountain Pen Review

Cross Townsend Fountain Pen Chrome

When it comes to investing in a fountain pen it is always advisable to choose from a company or manufacturer that has been in the business for many years. The fountain pens made by Cross have a long and interesting history that dates back to the year 1846. A.T Cross began crafting types of writing instruments that were made out of a host of precious metals.

These particular fountain pens are rated as the one of the top choices in fountain pens, they have been around for more than 160 years, and yet they still set trends in the market today. To own a pen made by Cross is a true statement of elegance and style, and shows that you are one of the few people who really takes an interest in the finer details of life.

The Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fountain Pen Review

kaweco sport ac red fountain pen

Whether you’re purchasing your first fountain pen or you are a fountain pen connoisseur, the Kaweco AC Sport Carbon fountain pen is an excellent choice.  This is an unusually compact fountain pen, its size is ideal for transport on your person. And, it is such a very sturdy pen that it doesn’t need to be babied.

The Kaweco AC Sport is made in Germany, where the company first introduced the pocket-sized fountain pen in 1912.

Review Of The Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen

Monetrappa Nerouno Linea Fountain Pen

Do you need a truly precious gift that would be appreciated by corporate CEOs, world leaders, famous celebrities, or even a special graduate in your family? When you learn more about the Montegrappa NeroUno Linea fountain pen from Italy, you will see that this is not a gift that is simply another fountain pen. It is an heirloom gift that anybody would be proud to own, use, and pass on.

Waterman Edson Fountain Pen Review: My Dream Pen


If you’ve ever dreamed of owning the perfect fountain pen, this Waterman Edson Fountain Pen is just for you. You’ll love the quality and bold statement that this pen makes when you’re in a social situation. You will love the class that it lends to your personality. So go ahead and make that bold statement you’ve always dreamed of and show people that you’ve got what it takes, a Waterman Edson Fountain Pen. Here’s why you’re going to love your new pen.

Pelikan Silver Screen Fountain Pen: Elegance at Its Best


Fountain pens have long been the standard for quality when it comes to penmanship.  And, Pelikan is one of the premier names within the fountain pen industry.

The Pelikan “Silver Screen” limited edition fountain pen commemorates the last 100 years of film history. This is not only a very unique pen but it is a collector’s item, with only 420 ever being produced in the world. So if you’re going to own one of these, not many others are going to have a pen just like yours.  Or, If you are thinking of buying this pen as a gift for your favorite fountain pen lover you will WOW them for a lifetime.

The Best Fountain Pen Ink


Fountain pens are wonderful works of art that make writing a beautiful experience.  However, they do require ink. How do you know which kind of ink to use? What kind of ink should you purchase? How much is the ink going to cost? These are all the questions that come up when deciding what the best fountain pen ink is.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review


The Lamy Safari fountain pen has a reputation for being an affordable and excellent starter fountain pen for students and others new to this style of pen.  Manufactured by the German pen company Lamy, the Safari was originally designed for German students in the 1980s to help teach them penmanship and how to write with a fountain pen.  The Safari has gone through several generational changes since and has emerged as a popular, inexpensive fountain pen that is enjoyed by people all over the world.  The following is our Lamy Safari fountain pen review.

Montegrappa Miya Fountain Pen Review

Montegrappa Miya Turquoise Blue Fountain Pen

The Montegrappa Miya fountain pen has a stunning appeal.  The celluloid colors, baked into the finish, have great depth.  By depth I mean that when you look at the pen it is almost like looking through a swirling pool of water all the way to the bottom.

The cap band has a laser cut Greek key design and is extra wide, which adds to the attractiveness of this fountain pen.   The laser cut goes straight through the design so the beautiful turquoise shows from beneath.  Now, that is attention to detail!  The body of the pen is in a teardrop shape.  All of this contributes to a stunningly beautiful design.

Fountain Pen Review: Waterman Carene Fountain Pen


Lewis Edison Waterman was born on November 20, 1837 in Decatur, New York, and died on May 01, 1901 in New York.  L.E. Waterman first patented the Waterman ink feed in 1884.  He continued to improve the pen throughout the years and obtained patents for modifications of the various components of the pens’ feeding device, also for improvements and modifications of the joints between the barrel and the nozzle and also between the cap and the barrel.

The Waterman Pen Company is very well known and highly regarded around the globe for producing high quality writing instruments.  Many other fountain pen companies have diminished over the years but Waterman remains strong today and still produces one of the most reliable pens in this day and age.  The Waterman Carene is one of our favorites.

Delta Hawaii Kanaka Maoli Limited Edition Fountain Pen Review

Fountain pens exude a sense of elegance and class that goes unmatched among similar products. Yet, what signifies the differences between a high-quality fountain pen and one that is average. The Delta Hawaii Kanaka Maoli Fountain Pen is one of the finest on the market and has grabbed the attention of one and all. There are various intricacies associated with this pen that cannot go unnoticed. This review will take a look at the pros and cons of this particular fountain pen and whether it lives up to standards.

Aurora Optima Fountain Pen Review


Writing with a high quality fountain pen is a pleasure, and makes penning letters or even simply noting the day’s events down in your diary a true joy. A good fountain can improve your penmanship, and make even the most casual scribbles look like calligraphy. The Aurora Optima Fountain Pen is more than just a good fountain pen.

Omas Arte Italiana Milord Fountain Pen Review


Omas is one of the most respected pen companies in the world, creating masterpiece pens since 1925.  Each Omas pen is handcrafted in their Bologna workshop taking more than one hundred days to make and perfect.

Every Omas pen embodies the passion and expertise of the Omas craftsmen and is the culmination of a variety of over 100 very delicate operations.  Omas uses only those processes that ensure exceptional quality for all of its manufacturing and assembly operations.

As a result of this focus on quality, it can take up to one hundred days to produce just one Omas fountain pen.  The Omas name is synonymous with the ultimate in writing utensils and their fountain pens are made as real writing jewels.

Pilot Vanishing Point Retractable Fountain Pen Review


The Pilot Vanishing Point Retractable Fountain Pen is one of the finest pens available on the market today. Everyone owns at least one pen that is their signature pen with which they prefer to write everything of importance with. For many, this is that pen.

While often considered the Lamborghini of fountain pens and sometimes considered extremely pricey (although it lists at $175 you can get it at Amazon for only around $140), this pen delivers exactly as one would expect a finely tuned quality product to deliver. For the price, you get what you pay for and this is one pen that you won’t regret having in your pen collection. It delivers just as promised each and every time you pick it up to use it. Personally, I consider this pen to be very reasonably priced and wouldn’t hesitate to pick up an extra pen to give as a gift.

The Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Review

The Parker Pen Company has existed since 1888 after being founded by George Safford Parker, and industrialist and inventor who wanted to improve on the reliability of pens and prevent them from leaking ink. Many years after it was founded, the company has made many famous models of pens, including a popular fountain pen model simply known as the Sonnet. As a fountain pen, the Sonnet appears to be completely flawless, being ahead of the competition in every way imaginable. Parker seems to have perfected their fountain pen with the Sonnet, giving users one of the best and most comfortable writing tools that will last for years without any problems.

Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen Review


I had heard a lot about the Namiki Falcon Japanese nibbed pens. So as you can imagine I was very excited to give it a try. However, I have to say I was very excited when the box arrived at my home. The packaging was impeccable as it came in a very nicely styled box with ink cartridges included. In fact, I found myself quite pleased with how well designed both the box and general packaging was.